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Below are some suggestions and lessons learnt when doing portrait sets.


We suggest you to bring twice as many outfits as planned on and a range of styles from dress up to very casual Long sleeved and nice looking / feeling fabrics photograph great. Keep in mind that some shots will be close up and others full length, so plan your outfits accordingly.


Do Wear:

  • Solid colors work best. If you have a patterned shirt, keep it low-key as they tend to distract from your face.
  • Jackets-jean jackets, khaki jackets, etc. photograph great
  • Black & Dark Colors tend to be more slimming
  • White is great for a high-key effect; but, it does tend to widen
  • Dark t-shirts under dark shirts

Do Not Wear:

  • Plunging Necklines - this tends to be a distraction in portraits.
  • Sleeveless Shirts - arms tend to look larger than they really are.
  • Bold Patterns or Stripes - tend to widen and be a distraction.
  • Girls: Watch the length of your skirts. We can not pose you sitting outside on the set if your skirt is too short
  • Guys: We strongly recommend pants not shorts; they photograph better.
  • If you want to wear shorts please avoid bagginess and frayed edges.
  • Wrinkled clothing. Prepare your outfits the night before to allow enough time to iron if needed.
  • Avoid baggy clothes as they will make you look larger than than real life.
  • white t-shirts under dark shirts - it will stand out.


Wear clothing you are comfortable and feel great in!

For extended portrait sessions, choose casual outfits, sportswear, letter jackets, or formal attire. Choose clothing that suits your personal style.

Have fun!

Accessories: belts, ties, jackets, hats, necklaces, earring, sports equipment, props, etc. If you have special jewelry that you want to show in the portaits, make sure you let the photographer know that they have special meaning.

GLASSES: if you wear glasses, definetely wear them - this is you. If you can, take the lenses out.  Lenses not only create glare, but can distort the shape of your eyes and face.

Makeup and Hair



  • Check for chipped nail polish
  • Tan Lines
  • Appropriate undergarments
  • Well groomed eyebrows
  • Accent your lips and eyes a little more than you normally would.
  • Bring hairspray, loose powder, lipstick, etc, for quick touch-ups during the shoot.
  • Outfit changes.
  • Arrange your hair in your favorite style; use spray to keep it in place.
  • Also use spray to get rid of unwanted fly-aways.
  • Have your hair cut or colored and your eyebrows waxed ONE WEEK
    PRIOR to your session.
  • Try a new look
  • White eyeliner is distracting in the camera. Also too much eyeliner will make your eyes smaller and dark.
  • No frosted or high-shine lip gloss



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